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Announcement: CFEclipse version 1.1.17 released

11th November, 2004 : 2100

Installation & Update

Installation & update procedures are listed at the bottom of this mail. All current non-CVS users of CFEclipse should hopefully be notified by Eclipse that there is a new release available. If not, follow the update procedures and mention it to us on the CFE lists.

What's new:

Around two weeks ago the CFEclipse Development team closed a feature vote, where registered users were able to vote for the features they'd like to see most.

We're happy to report that due to a large amount of work by the team, 7 out of the top-ten most-voted-for features have been implemented. They are:

  • 11 Selected text drag 'n' drop
  • 138 Bracket highlighting
  • 17 Block indent/unindent enhancement
  • 183 Code folding
  • 21 Ctrl + Double click selects tag
  • 175 CFML comments
  • 97 CFC Browser enhancement

Thanks go to Matt Cristantello for the implementation of Bracket Highlighting.

Additionally a lot of investigative & research work has been carried out that mean that the new top-ten should hopefully not been far away. The new top-ten is:

  1. 122 Project-wide CFC/function gathering
  2. 167 SQL Color Coding
  3. 162 HomeSite / CF Studio default shortcuts
  4. 68 CSS insight.
  5. 87 Option to wrap long code lines
  6. 139 Split pane navigator
  7. 202 Fusebox, fusedoc, mach-ii
  8. 204 View current file in Browser View
  9. 189 Addition of Fusebox (3 and/or 4) views
  10. 193 Enable project-wide parse.
For more on the new features and how to access them please visit: The announcement on the wiki

New features:

  • 201 Get the partition scanner working properly.
  • 174 Undo Steps
  • 105 Enhance code insight
  • --- Standard text editor prefs now in CFE page
  • --- Trim trailing spaces on save option available (via prefs)

Bugs fixed:

  • 49 CFEclipse pref window resizes to fit snips directory...
  • 65 specifiy any attribute
  • 95 cfinvoke can have any argument, not reflected
  • 108 New CFC's are created with blank attributes
  • 144 syntax coluring error with <= in cfquery
  • 152 Error generated if CFINVOKE doesn't have closing tag
  • 180 Adds empty extends attribute in CFC wizard
  • 181 cfqueryparam (and others) breaking file parser
  • 182 Attribute name is not required for cfquery
  • 199 Content assist fails when there is a non-enclosing tag.
  • 200 Syntax colouring slightly off.
  • 205 Something preventing the closing of chevrons
  • 207 Tasks are being deleted by cfeclipse.
  • 208 CFC Methods view broken
  • 210 Scope insight pops up at the wrong time
  • 216 Error occurs when coping a large block of text
  • 219 Comment instide comment block renders does not show code as "commented out"

A zip version is available on the CFEclipse website if you wish to perform the installation/update manually.